What If Making Money didn’t have to be Hard, unattainable or unimaginable?

What If Making Money didn’t have to be Hard, unattainable or unimaginable?

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January 5, 2015 by 21 Grams of Soul

Do you feel awkward asking for money for doing something you love?

Do you want to feel worthy of people’s admiration and respect when you offer your services ?

Perhaps you have been caught up the old belief system that you need this sale , I must have it.

This is coming from a space that is demeaning and fear based.

In our show tonight we are so lucky to have a master of influence coach Cezar Cehan , someone who understands

that we influence others all the time.

We can either do it from a mindless place of fear and  need or we can

come from a mind-full -ness congruent space of being true to ourselves and what is offered to the client.

You become  relaxed and happy to be sharing value with your client.

You and your clients have rapport on a deep level and value is created for you both.

What if selling can be enjoyable , fun for all parties involved? What if selling is the only way which value can grow in any community?

Join us as we explore how to create more value in our lives by coming from a space of choosing mindful appreciation in all our exchanges.

Cezar will be gifting us with some playful ways to understand that influence is natural and necessary and it can be easy and fun.

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Lynda Walsh   www.jacksonvillehypnosiscenter.com  904-945-9099

Cezar Cehan  www.hearttoheartselling.com  402-403-9320


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