What if Anxiety IS a GIFT & Capacity You ARE Refusing???

What if Anxiety IS a GIFT & Capacity You ARE Refusing???

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May 31, 2017 by Living BEYOND Dissatisfaction

The Art of Dissatisfaction with Tammy Pocock Radio Show

Say WHAT?? How the H. E. double hockey sticks could Anxiety EVER be a Gift or Capacity??? Ask anyone who lives with anxiety and they will let you KNOW that Anxiety is one of, if not The Greatest dissatisfaction in their lives. It often holds them in a virtual prison, consumes much of their time and energy and is the stop point of most all of their desires, hopes and dreams. So, what GREATNESS are the estimated 3.3 million American’s diagnosed with Anxiety utilizing their dissatisfaction to resist, reject, deny and separate from??? I wonder ….

Join Tammy for this conversation to explore the magical, phenomenal, dynamic greatness that is kept so very secret and hidden behind the dissatisfaction known as Anxiety.

Tammy Pocock is an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Radio Show Host, and a Pragmatic Life & Partnership Coach, dedicated to working with people, bodies and animals.  An entrepreneur on the creative edge of online coaching and facilitation, she is dedicated to conspiring with others to actualize fast and amazing changes in their lives, truly actualizing a Conscious Partnership with themselves and ALL that is part of their lives, far beyond what they ever believed possible.