What does the future have to do with me?! With Tamara and Alun

What does the future have to do with me?! With Tamara and Alun

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April 27, 2015 by Playground of Possibilities with Tamara and Alun

So what the fuck does the future have to do with you? After all, we won’t be here to experience it so why should we even bother concerning ourselves with it? Interesting points of view huh?

What if something else is possible here? What if one of the reasons we all chose to be here was to contribute to creating something even greater? And how often have we bought the lie that “we are just one person and are not big enough or powerful enough to effect any change in the world”? What would it take to change that?

What if it’s our choices that we’re making now that will create something even greater for everyone? If you would allow yourself to know that EVERY choice you make affects the whole world AND the future, what choices will you make?

What if now is the time to stop pretending that we have no impact upon the world or the future and instead begin to ask “what else can I choose and create now that will create a greater future for every one and every thing?”

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