What Does Choosing Pleasure Say About You? ~ Rhonda Burns

What Does Choosing Pleasure Say About You? ~ Rhonda Burns

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January 18, 2017 by *Rendezvous with Rhonda

Rock the Motherload Radio Show with Rhonda Burns

Continuing with the theme and the principle of pleasure, it’s amazing how many people will not choose it based on what it might say or mean about them if they do. WTH? Do you realize how crazy that is? How many points of view do you have about pleasure, having it, choosing it, being it, creating from it, and basically everything about it? How about we decimate all the limitations around it and actually get to the space of boldly choosing it so we can create lives that thrive?

Rhonda is a definitely different catalyst for an unconventional way to embrace ALL of Y-O-U. Rhonda’s vibrant and exuberant personality coupled with the space of no judgment, not only invites people into the fullness and genuine truth of themselves, but provides the infusion of energy to quicken the time frame, allowing them to achieve their greatest levels of success and happiness faster. As a truth-seeker, truth-seer, truth teller and an energetic powerhouse, Rhonda’s dynamic, intuitive coaching and facilitation assists clients swiftly, effectively and with grace and ease. People can’t help but walk away activated, energized and feeling better as a result of playing with Rhonda. If you’re ready to be the master source creator of magnitude in your life, and Rock YOUR Motherload, come learn, explore, transform, play and show up greater than you imagined was possible for yourself.


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