What Do You Need in a Relationship ~ Bert & Nelly

What Do You Need in a Relationship ~ Bert & Nelly

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May 21, 2018 by Creating Magical Relationships with Bert & Nelly

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A lot of us function from the idea of need, it is such an entrenched idea that you may never have thought of. I need this person to be with me in a relationship, I need to have a relationship to be happy, I need to have this type of body to be happy. I need to find a partner, my biological clock is ticking away. In this reality its that need that keeps a relationship together but guess what… its that need that drives the relationship apart.

Imagine for a moment if you did not have a need? How much freedom would you have? What could you choose to create? in your relationship? In your life?what could you choose?

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Do you have any places where you are locked up with creating the best relationship and sex life you’ve ever had?

What if those places could be unlocked and you could begin to enjoy relationships again?

What if you didn’t have to give up or cut off parts of yourself and you can see the value and contribution of you in every relationship?

Let’s talk about what nobody talks about and gain access to the possibilities of amazing and empowering sex and relationships where you do not lose you, in fact, you get more of yourself.


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