What do you lose (or refuse) while protecting your safety?

What do you lose (or refuse) while protecting your safety?

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October 12, 2015 by Playground of Possibilities with Tamara and Alun

“Stay safe!” How many times have you had that said to you throughout your life? Seems sensible, doesn’t it? What if keeping yourself safe is not actually contributing to you and your life? What if it’s actually doing the opposite?

How many walls, barriers and filters have you created around you in order to keep yourself safe? What if all those barriers are actually keeping out not just the stuff you’ve decided you don’t want , but what if they’re also keeping out the things you DO desire in your life? And, what gifts and contributions that other people and the world would like to give you are you also keeping away?

How many ways are you using to keep you safe and protected? What if the greatest protection you can ever have is trusting you and your awareness implicitly? Is it more expansive to build walls and barriers, or be totally aware and present with what is going on around you? What will give you the most space to choose and take action? What would be the greatest kindness to you, and the world?

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