What Childless Women Know About Children ~ Guest Joanne Del Core

What Childless Women Know About Children ~ Guest Joanne Del Core

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March 23, 2016 by Clumsy Girls Guide to Greatness

Clumsy Girl’s Guide to Greatness Radio Show with Carol Glover 

My guest this week, Joanne Del Core, and I are both “childless women”: Joanne has hundreds of children in her world and I have two step-sons as well as many nieces & nephews. This gives us both a unique point of view on children, parenting, grand-parenting; a point of view that could be a contribution to both the child and those whom so closely care for them.

Join us as we dive in to the wisdom of childless women (rather than tip-toeing – or is that just me!).

Joanne Del Core is an Emotional Intelligence Strategist who works in many capacities with educators and children to create and sustain emotionally healthy environments for children. Her work with child and family facing organizations is meant to drive training and educational initiatives to equip educators, educators in training and parents with tools and information about how to navigate and support the emotional landscape for children. These initiatives directly target anxiety, ADHD, depression, trauma, addiction, bullying, and mental health overall in the classroom and at home.


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