What are You Making Significant that Isn’t? ~ Betsy, Sadie & Kathy

What are You Making Significant that Isn’t? ~ Betsy, Sadie & Kathy

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August 22, 2016 by Imperfect Brilliance with Betsy & Kathy

Would releasing the significance of things bring more ease in your life? No form, no structure, no significance is one of the Access 10 keys to freedom.

The title of today’s show is one of Kathy’s very favorite questions. Often it brings instant relief from trauma and drama. What can it change for you?

Could your imperfections actually be your brilliance? What if your willingness to acknowledge your brilliance is the catalyst to creating a new reality? One of magic and joyous possibilities! Imperfect Brilliance is about shedding all the layers of the not-you, everywhere where you’re making yourself wrong… because underneath all that crap lies what’s beautiful and imperfectly right about you. When you stop judging you, what else can you create in the world? Certified Facilitators of Access Consciousness® Betsy McLoughlin, Sadie Lake and Kathy Williams invite you to come play and release the judgment so you can truly shine.

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