Welcome to The Funny Farm! ~ Dr. Andi’s World

Welcome to The Funny Farm! ~ Dr. Andi’s World

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June 26, 2020 by Dr. Andi's World

Dr. Andi’s World 

Does it seem like the words “covid 19” and “crazy” have become synonymous?  Did you get lost on the funny farm; and it’s not funny anymore?  Does it feel like you are losing you, in the crazy?

This week, Dr. Andi is sharing some steps and processes to help you (re)connect with who you are and how you can navigate the intensity of living in a time of dynamic global change.

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A CHANGE-agent of magnitude for the animals of the world. Dr. Andi Harper is an internationally acclaimed animal communicator, certified animal chiropractor and Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator. She is the owner and operator of a thriving practice, Animal Magic Care, based in Golden, CO.

With a global animal communication/facilitation  business, Dr. Andi inspires her clients to create magic in their life and with their animals.

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