Are You Using Taboo Against You? ~ Rhonda Burns

Are You Using Taboo Against You? ~ Rhonda Burns

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November 29, 2017 by *Rendezvous with Rhonda

Coming Undone With The Tenacious Minx Radio Show with Rhonda Burns

Taboo: denounced by society as improper or unacceptable. Have you prescribed to life, society, culture’s way of living and believing? How’s you buying someone else’s judgment of taboo subject matter working for you? Did you know that bodies are taboo to many? Sex is definitely taboo. How about money? Ever notice how much people shy away talking in depth about their money situation? Yep, taboo again. 

Yet what is all this judgment and condemnation about things that are vital and imperative actually creating for us when we buy into it? Come join Rhonda this week as she starts to deconstruct the notion and concepts of taboo subject matter so clarity and true freedom is available to those that desire it.


It’s all about coming undone from conditioning, poor modeling and bogus beliefs to come alive and truly thrive. Together, we learn, explore, transform, laugh, play and show up greater, so that we can remind not only ourselves of our greatest potential & possibilities, but to invite others to know it for themselves as well.

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