Unleash Your Desires with Joanna Kennedy

Unleash Your Desires with Joanna Kennedy

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August 25, 2014 by Simply Being

How to Create Chemistry and Attraction and Keep it Hot? What can you do create passion and keep things sizzling? Couples: How do you reignite that WOW sex life? Singles: Would you like to attract a great partner and start out on the right foot? What does it take to create more consciousness in the bedroom? Would you like to overcome blocks to great love and sex? Join me as I explore these questions and many more with Joanna Kennedy, Founder of the Center for Happiness, Love & Pleasure, on Simply Being Radio show.

Email question to rioha@rioha.com and check out her website www.rioha.com. She can also be found on Facebook at Rioha, Simply Being.

To contact Joanna or find out more:

Email: love@happinessloveandpleasure.com

Website: www.happinessloveandpleasure.com

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