TV – Your Family & How It Shapes You ~ Guest Emmalou Penrod

TV – Your Family & How It Shapes You ~ Guest Emmalou Penrod

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November 25, 2021 by Your Life, On Purpose!

Your Life, On Purpose! with Bruce Cruickshank 

How has your family shaped who you have become?  What role has your family played in your life?  Is your family a source of energy, inspiration and support for you?  Does your family set up future generations for success?  Join Accountability Partner, Bruce Cruickshank and his guest, Emmalou Penrod as they answer all of these questions, and map out the role of Family as we live an on-purpose life.

Emmalou Penrod is a wife, mother, grandmother, retired schoolteacher, author, and owner of the business, Healing Your Families.
She earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with an Endorsement in Special Education from Weber State University.  She also earned a Master of Arts in Educational Counseling from the University of Phoenix.
Emmalou ended her 24-year career as a teacher at a residential treatment facility for youth at risk.  Most of her career was spent as a special education teacher.  She saw a need to bridge the gap that is sometimes formed between parents and the public-school system.  She wrote the book, Navigating the Educational System, 5 Strategies to Get the Best for Your Child and started a podcast show, “In Support of Families” to provide useful information and support for parents.
She is a member of Kaha Tahi Coaching, a Thought Leader with the Women’s Information Network, and a Channel Director and Show Host with WIN WIN Women Network.

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Accountability Partner Bruce Cruickshank, will use his talents, gifts and experience to support you, and guide you to an On-Purpose Life.

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