Tsunami of Feminine Essence

Tsunami of Feminine Essence

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June 24, 2015 by Living Consciously with Kass

Living Consciously with Kass Radio Show with Kass Thomas

Don’t miss this show. Join me and gentle lioness Kim Coleman for an exploration of the gentle and explosive energies of female potency: what nurturing, caring, building and changing elements can we be,contribute and receive from the planet earth, to the balance that she is demanding?

What resources can we have to unleash a healing and that have always and will again revolutionize the planet and beyond?

Women, men, children and animals, this one is for you!
We all have it, are we willing to be it?

“I absolutely fell in love with this Goddess from the moment i met her last month in Canada. She lives in Nova Scotia, loves Champagne and lobster and the ocean and bodies and what else is possible?” Kass Thomas onKim Coleman



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