Translating Trauma & Why We Must ~ Rhonda Burns

Translating Trauma & Why We Must ~ Rhonda Burns

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January 15, 2020 by *Rendezvous with Rhonda

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The world – in large degree – is living out trauma-induced behavior right now. Trauma, as originally defined, was something that was a threat to our mere survival. However, there is an evolved definition and a newer translation available to what trauma actually is; as well as what part it plays in every single one of our lives, and how it can wreak havoc if we don’t bring it to the forefront and give it some appropriate attention.

Educating ourselves on how trauma effects every aspect of our lives, how to transform it, and actually thrive beyond it, is what I’m all about. Not making it significant, but making it known and then re-writing the code, so we can actually eliminate the chains that trauma has much of society locked into.

No one is immune to it, and the more of us who are educated, doing the work, changing and integrating it for ourselves, then the more we impact and influence, and be masterful models for others. Let’s talk trauma – translate it – so we can evolve beyond it in this new era we’re moving into. I’d be grateful to have you join me today.

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