To be Inspired and Keep Reinventing Yourself ~ Guest Andrea James

To be Inspired and Keep Reinventing Yourself ~ Guest Andrea James

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August 5, 2015 by Living Consciously with Kass

Living Consciously with Kass Radio Show with Kass Thomas

Join Kass and her long time friend Andrea James for an interesting conversation on Life, Incarceration, Justice and Triumph.

Andrea has had a life where she could have felt defeated, however, there was something in her that pushed her to reinvent her life at each stage of what she was confronted with.

Join us in a conversation about courage, being inspired, knowing that there is something else possible for you and others around you. And allowing that inspiration to lead you all the way to receiving a George Soros Justice Fellowship .

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Have you ever known someone who has had a life of adversity; Where they have had so many things show up in their life which you feel  that if it had been part of your life you could not have survived it? Are you someone who has an energy inside that leads you forward, even if you do not know where it will lead you, and you choose to listen to it at all times? Are there times that you avoid that “voice”. Are you someone who feels defeated in life? Would you like to have something else be how you live in your life?

Reinventing yourself, where do you go when you lose everything? How do you move forward? Where do you get the courage and the strength? Are you in question about what else can your  life be? Regardless of what has happened what else can you choose? Where do you get the courage to keep choosing something different? Nothing deters her from moving forward. What kind of knowing permeates someone who keeps moving  forward? What keeps you expanding in your capacity as a women? What self talk keeps you empowered to keep moving forward? How do you choose that?

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