Tips for Being a #1 Bestselling Author; Guest – Nilofer Safdar

Tips for Being a #1 Bestselling Author; Guest – Nilofer Safdar

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October 14, 2015 by Living Consciously with Kass

Living Consciously with Kass Radio Show with Kass Thomas

Join Nilofer Safdar and Kass for a playful and really different look at what it takes to be a #1 Bestselling Author.

Nilofer’s perspective is that everyone has a book to be written.

Have you wanted to write a book but did not know where to start?
Did you know that you did not have to write the whole book? Would you be willing to ask others to write a chapter?
How do you get over the fear of other peoples judgment about what you write?
Would you be willing to write a really lousy chapter?

Have you ever asked the book what contribution it would like to be? or what it would like you to contribute?

Would you be interested in writing a chapter for Nilofer’s next book and become a Bestselling Author?        askNilofer-author

Nilofer Safdar is the two-time #1 Bestselling Author of the books, Cracking the Client Attraction Code & The Colors Of Now. Her book was a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. She teaches people how to write, be published and become a Bestselling Author in 90 days even if they have never written before (or think that they can never write). She is a strong advocate of getting a book published.

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