The Universe Has Your Back! with George Ira Carroll

The Universe Has Your Back! with George Ira Carroll

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July 21, 2014 by Creating Beyond Reality! with Heather Nichols

Join Heather Nichols and George Ira Carroll for a super fun and inspiring conversation on Creating Beyond Reality Radio Show: The Universe Has Your Back!

Heather will be interviewing George, an Access Consciousness Facilitator, and badass agent of change, on how he has chosen to step into the unknown, follow energy, and become homeless to travel the world facilitating consciousness, joy, and change.

What if functioning from the space of “the universe has my back” could give you more freedom to create, to choose, and to go beyond this reality than ever before? What if the universe is always desiring to contribute to you, even if it doesn’t seem like it in the moment? Would you be willing to live with the absolute knowing that everything is unfolding even greater than you can imagine, and to say YES to what is light–even if you have no idea why or how it will unfold? Welcome to magic!!

Join Heather and George for this juicy conversation of what is possible when you let go of control, have no points of view about what is ‘best’ for you, and start to follow the whispers of possibility into a future that is greater than you can imagine!

Oh and with Heather and George….there is always laughter in the mix!

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