The Power of Sisterhood ~ Guest Janet Bernstein

The Power of Sisterhood ~ Guest Janet Bernstein

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December 12, 2018 by Sharing with Sher

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What does the power of sisterhood mean to me? It’s a way of being with other women—both young and old—in which I do the following:
• Hold the highest and best for them and see them as their future selves—especially when they’re going through a rough time
• Encourage vulnerability and authenticity in our relationship and communication (I’m a “get real or go home” kind of woman!)
• Practice forgiveness (with myself) and have the humility and courage to initiate tough but necessary conversations when appropriate
• Truly accept them exactly where they are right now, and mean it when I say, “come as you are”
Join me December 12, 2018 at 8am CST and my guest Janet Bernstein as we discuss the power of sisterhood.

Janet Bernstein is the founder of Savvy Girl Media, as well as a best-selling author of five books, including her memoir “Pizza on The Floor,” a story of growing up with a mother with Borderline Personality Disorder. As a Visibility Coach, she empowers women entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams while overcoming technology fears and challenges, such as websites, blogging, social media and more. She left a 17-year career in the corporate insurance world in 2015 to pursue her own dream of becoming an author, speaker and champion of women. In 2014, she began leading women’s groups, and eventually founded The Every Heart Project, designed to connect women from the heart. She is also a mom of three, stepmom to two bonus daughters, and happily married to her partner for life and an amazing special education teacher, Harold.

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