The Power of Receiving with Guest Host Stephanie Beeby

The Power of Receiving with Guest Host Stephanie Beeby

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October 3, 2018 by Luscious Leadership with Danna Lewis

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As Danna travels for business, join her guest host Stephanie Beeby for The Power of Receiving and learn…
* The number one mindset shift needed to embody receiving powerfully;
* How to know when you are receiving or deflecting;
* Practical tools to expand your receiving channels.

Stephanie Beeby is a transformational business coach, owner and intuitive strategist.  After earning her master’s degree in organizational psychology, she went on to coach over one thousand professionals including leaders at Disney, Toyota, Taylor-Made Adidas, Boeing, PETCO, Inc., and Four Seasons.  She has also years of experience coaching founders of start-ups in technology, healthcare, real estate, coaching and law.  

Stephanie is the founder of ‘In Flow-CEO Consulting’ a consulting company that provides laser coaching, intuitive decision-making, leadership development, team building, conflict management and operational support for entrepreneurs grossing at least $200,000.  Her specialty is in working with progressive leaders to help them distill their vision into actionable steps and then to execute on those steps.  She has successfully assisted her clients in tapping into their innate instinct for more satisfying results and streamlining inner practices for vibrationally aligning your business.  To connect more with Stephanie, visit

~ More About Luscious Leadership with Danna Lewis ~

Are you feeling fantastic or frustrated with your days? Are you living your life based on other people’s paths, projections or expectations? What if instead of showing up with a rebellion, resistance, reaction or ‘whatever’ attitude you could lead yourself lusciously with deeper presence, strategic awareness and courageous kindness to create your entire work-life spectrum as a space of possibility, achievement and fulfillment?

Danna Lewis will provide you with the topics and framework to bring the art of pragmatic energy and inspired action of luscious leadership into your life to improve your bottom line from the bedroom to the boardroom. What if you you could embody the courageously conscious and kind strategic awareness to create a life, living and love that work deliciously well for you?

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