The Physical World isn’t What You Think It Is ~ Rena Wells

The Physical World isn’t What You Think It Is ~ Rena Wells

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February 19, 2018 by The Journey Home ~ Rena Wells

The Journey Home with Rena Wells Radio Show

The Physical World isn’t What You Think It Is. When you were born you arrived fully in tact, connected to your authentic self. Over time that was lost and now we are all finding our way home. What we “think” reality is isn’t what it appears. The conditioning is so strong we dismiss our natural state like the imagination, our innocence, and our inner play.

Did you know these are your superpowers but you have been conditioned to believe otherwise. Does this sound familiar:

-Think before you speak

-You have to work hard for that

-You have to be smart to make money

-That’s not real it’s just your imagination

To fully own your power, it’s time to align to the tools you came here with. Join Rena Wells Intuitive Transformation Coach as she switches your perspective from the human conditioning into soul perspective.

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If you are ready to end the dualistic frustrating, stagnant energy in your life, then make sure to tune in as Rena takes you into the depths of the subconscious.

Rena Wells is a natural Empath/Psychic/Medium/Divine Channel/Healer, Transformation Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Radio Show Host who has been guided to aid humanity in shifting the current spiritual paradigm into conscious soul operation. Imagine ending the battle between the logical mind vs the heart and stepping into the power you were born with? You have the power to make sound, powerful choices to manifest your birthright abundance. You have simply forgotten how. Rena is here to remind you.

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