The Phenomenance of Relationships ~ Guest ~ Jennifer Windsor

The Phenomenance of Relationships ~ Guest ~ Jennifer Windsor

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February 8, 2016 by Creating Beyond Reality! with Heather Nichols
Have you ever had a truly phenomenal relationship? One where you are committed to your life, and to supporting the other person’s joy, no matter what that looks like for them? When you can show up in relationships committed to expanding possibility and creating something greater in the world, this is when you can start to have a truly phenomenal relationship. What if you and your enjoyable other could create together ten times what either of you could create on your own? And what if you had the space, the intimacy, and the allowance to support each other in thriving in every area of your lives – whether it includes each other or not?

Join Heather Nichols and Jennifer Cramer Windsor for a dynamic conversation about what is truly possible with relationships beyond this reality. Jennifer and Heather have each created alive, phenomenal, out-of-the-box, thriving relationships that contribute to the expansion of every area of their lives.

Jennifer Windsor is an Internationally Best Selling Author, Conscious Relationships Facilitator and Wellness Coach using the tools of Access Consciousness as well as some magic of her own.  Her work includes individual sessions and vip wellness packages, group classes and facilitation as well as keynote speaking engagements.

Jennifer teaches people to be more aware of their bodies and what they know about any given situation rather than what other people in their lives tell them that they should do. Having a superpower of people feeling better just being with her, Jennifer draws upon her uncanny intuitive capacities, offering her clients insights of what they could add to their lives and businesses to have more in every area of their lives than they can currently imagine possible, how does it get any better than that?

You can find Jennifer on Facebook at Jennifer Cramer Windsor, on Linked-In as Jennifer Windsor as well as at and

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