The Ongoing Adventure of Relationship with Guest Christel Crawford

The Ongoing Adventure of Relationship with Guest Christel Crawford

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August 26, 2015 by Living Consciously with Kass

Living Consciously with Kass Radio Show with Kass Thomas

Join Kass & Christel for what promises to be a humour filled look at our choices that created more awareness and led to more choices… and the tools we play with to get what we actually want.

What if there’s nothing saying you have to have any of your sh*t together?  What if life is an ongoing series of choices?  Every 10 seconds a new one available to you.. every 10 seconds a new adventure awaiting.

Creating a conscious life and discovering what she’d truly like to have as her relationship reality has been an ongoing, lifelong process for our guest this week.

Christel Crawford is an author and transformation creator.  She travels all over the world and facilitates online programs &  classes on life-change, different possibilities for money flows, body change and business expansion.

She has been featured on radio shows & podcasts, and is the author of several upcoming books.

Today, Christel is the owner of her own thriving life transformation business, and the steward & muse of The Kindness of Sex and Being is the Point.   

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