The Magnificence of You ~ Elfy Jo

The Magnificence of You ~ Elfy Jo

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February 13, 2019 by Musical Magic with Elfy Jo

Musical Magic with Elfy Jo Radio Show

Ruth Bartleet has always been a healer.
In this conversation, she is going to talk about her experiences growing up talking to different star beings and about the star card readings she offers.
What magnificence of us and our bodies is possible, when we let go of stories we’ve been creating over and over again, across the cosmos? What freedom? What beauty? And what fun?
Your questions are welcome, let’s unlock the magnificence of you!

Ruth Bartleet – I was born knowing I was a healer, even though there was nothing around me like that where I lived in the 1970’s. I talked to the trees, my dog, the crystals in the house I grew up in and the fairies I sometimes saw.
I realised no one around me could see the spirits that floated under the ceiling either. I created changes for those that required it but also learned to squash myself more and more into the reality around me, one that made no sense at all.

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~ More about Musical Magic with Elfy Jo ~ 

Do you enjoy music? Is music something you enjoy rocking to in your car or in the shower? Do you happen to play an instrument? Or are you wishing you played an instrument? Have you ever noticed that music can makes everything in your life better? Are you curious about how it can bring more ease, more joy and more possibilities in to your life, body and play?

On Musical Magic with Elfy Jo she explores the magic that music truly is and can be for you as well. Come play and enjoy a whole new world of possibilities.  AND have a whole lot fun while we are at it too!

Here’s some more info on Elfy Jo:

Hi everyone!

I’m originally a professional musician but these days I’m also a radio show host, a spokesperson for consciousness, a teacher, a healer and a lover of shenanigans.

In all of my work I combine my joy for life with my knowledge of energy work and mastery in music.

One of my strongest magical powers is transmuting heavy energies to light and expansive ones. I do this with my specific skill set that incorporates kindness with a “whatever it takes” attitude. I’m here to inspire people and to be a catalyst for positive changes on this planet.

I offer a wide range of services: instrument specific music teaching, music coaching for professionals, music coaching in preparation for concerts or exams, BARS and Body Process sessions, musical healing sessions and online classes on consciousness.

If you’d like to work with me, you can contact me at or visit my website



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