The Magic of Taking Family Relationships Beyond ~ Guest Merlijn Wolsink

The Magic of Taking Family Relationships Beyond ~ Guest Merlijn Wolsink

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December 17, 2014 by Magic in Motion with Cara Wright

I could not be more excited about this show. I asked Merlijn to come on the show and speak to what he knows on this subject and below is what he sent me when I asked what energy he felt this show was.. Below is what he sent.  I dont know about any of you all but I AM totally showing up to this amazing possibility!!! 

“Kindness is Magic.   Being Kind with Yourself and Loved Ones who have passed away.  Taking your co­existence with your family beyond into perceiving, knowing, being and receiving.  What would it be like to care for and take care of family and loved ones, after they have left their body? What if they don’t die when their bodies die?  What if you can still include their being and spirit in your life?  And where are you already doing that?  How are you with your family right now? Are you relating or creating?  How are you with the family members that have passed away? Are you relating or creating?  It’s one thing to care for people when they still have their body, whether they are healthy or diseased. It’s another thing to care for them when they have left their body and still have all the energetic patterning, that will keep on creating their existence as a being.  What gets created when you refuse to be aware of ‘family ghosts’?  Can it affect your psychologic and physical health?  We take along family relationships, points of view, experiences and commitments from body to body and everything in between…  What it is like to help them clear the left­overs of medication, trauma, emotions and disease that life might have caused them?  What is it like to develop and create a relationship ­creationship­ with them psychologically, without them having a body? How would that affect you whole life?  And for yourself, when you will leave your current body: what is possible if you get clear now? So you have more choice as an infinite being and so you have choice to leave your body when you choose to do so? Without dis­ease or no­ choice?”

 Well…its so beautifully said..I have nothing to add other than you wouldn’t choose to play with us on this show for what reason?? I’m just sayin…  

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