The Magic of Sexualness ~ with Heather Nichols

The Magic of Sexualness ~ with Heather Nichols

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June 13, 2016 by Creating Beyond Reality! with Heather Nichols
So much more than being about sex or copulation, sexualness is a space of being that includes and expresses all of you.  The elements and energies of sexualness include nurturing, caring, healing, joyful, generative, creative, expansive, orgasmic energies that can make your body hum, create radical aliveness in your life,  and allow you to create anything you would like to create.

What if allowing your body to be, receive, and express the energies & elements of sexualness could be an immense gift to you, your body, and the planet?  What if this space were chock full of possibility, creation, and magic?  When you are willing to have and be the sexualness of you, you truly can create anything.  There is no limitation in this space—only possibility to inspire the molecules around you to dance into completely new realities.  Are you willing to have that much creative juice?  Are you willing to have that much fun??

Join Heather Nichols for a dynamic, potent, juicy conversation of what is truly possible when we allow our bodies to come alive and to contribute to everything we would like to create and beyond.

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