The Joy of Breathing, Movement and Yoga ~ Guest Tina Stoy

The Joy of Breathing, Movement and Yoga ~ Guest Tina Stoy

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May 27, 2019 by Everyday Joy with Candace Mau

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This conversation centers on Tina Stoy’s love of movement and what brought her to yoga. She is a gifted yogi and a constant student, bringing such a dynamic approach to her classes and peace to her clients. Tina is an empath and practices intuition to tailor each class. In which she will remind you that breath is an important component to yoga and life. Tina has pushed her body to the limit within many disciplines, learning that movement changes everything. She practices what she preaches and wants to share what she’s learned.

Tina Stoy grew up in a small town in Southern Vermont fostering a love for the mountains, skiing and the outdoors as a whole. Moving west in 2007, she currently lives with her husband in Park City, Utah. With a passion for traveling the world, their philosophy is to acquire experiences over things. Therefore, their motto is to Get Out And Live Spontaneously (GOALS).
Yoga came into Tina’s life in 2001, while training as an alpine ski racer. Over the years yoga continuously drew her back to the mat. In 2008, Tina was faced with the decision to pursue a Masters in Sports Psychology or dive into a 6 month Yoga Teacher Training. She chose yoga. Once completing the 600 HR training with D’ana Baptiste and the InBody Academy, Tina knew she had a gift for teaching. However her drive to become a high level alpine Ski Race Coach was still alive. So teaching yoga became a part-time job for the next 10 years. Though, as the years went by the desire to learn about herself grew. Thus she began spending more time on the mat, attending workshops, and investing in learning the teachings of this ancient practice.
In 2015, a young student athlete Tina had worked with, died in an avalanche. This tragic event shifted everything and altered the trajectory of her life. During this challenging time of depression and mixed emotions, her yoga practice was there to keep her grounded. In December of 2017 Tina found herself sitting next to her husband in a beautiful bamboo shala in Bali. The drops of rain outside mirrored the tears running down her cheeks. They were exactly where they were supposed to be. This studio, The Practice, would serve as the next chapter in the evolution of her practice. In 2018, Tina immersed herself in a 200 HR YTT with The Practice, studying Tantric Hatha with Octavio Salvado, Karina Guthrie, and Brad Hay. A truly transformative training experience that has changed her teachings as well as her life.

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