The Joy & Contribution ANIMALS Bring Into Our Lives Guest Suzy Godsey

The Joy & Contribution ANIMALS Bring Into Our Lives Guest Suzy Godsey

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December 1, 2014 by Joy of Living with Laleh

Animals around the world share their beauty with us in pictures, videos, and in person but did you know they actually provide us so much more?

Did you know that our furry family members are actually able to provide more than a loving lick and kindness? What if animals could also contribute to your health, life and living, and business?

Join Joy of Living with Laleh and her Guest Suzy Godsey as Suzy shares tools and information for better communicating with animals.

Suzy Godsey is the Access Consciousness™ World Wide Talk to the Animals Coordinator, renowned Integrative Animal Practitioner/Behaviorist and Facilitator of the unique and powerful equine modality ~ ESSE ~ Energetic Synthesis of Structural Integrity. She is recognized around the world for her unique, gentle and pragmatic “animal rehabilitation” techniques which empower people and animals to actually to create relationships of ease and understanding. To learn more see below:

To Learn More about Suzy:

For more than a decade, Suzy has incorporated her animal communication skills and unique acknowledgment of ALL animals as beings of consciousness (no barriers, no judgments, no expectations and no conclusions) with the pragmatic tools, techniques and processes of Access Consciousness™ to facilitate change for thousands of people and animals – dogs, cats, domesticated animals, horses, livestock and non-domestic wildlife.  Through her unique awareness, presence and facilitation Suzy invites both people and animals to know that they have the capacity to utilize these same tools to choose to change any behavior/issue and create a true partnership between human and animal.

Suzy’s work has been featured on U.S. and Internationally television, radio, and internet telesummits, including a segment on Cesar Milan’s “Dog Whisperer” television show and her own weekly radio show “Conversations with Dog” on BlogTalkRadio.  When Suzy is not facilitating change for animals and the people who adore them, she is contributing to the “behind the scenes” matrix of Access Consciousness™.

As a devoted advocate for the planet and the animal kingdom, Suzy’s target is to invite people to utilize the pragmatic, leading edge tools and process of Access Consciousness™ to step up and KNOW a deeper connection, presence and appreciation of our planet and all planetary companions.   It is her communion with the planet and all its species that empowers her to facilitate the contribution people are seeking to actually go beyond the myths and misunderstandings of animal dynamics, behavior, injury recovery and communication.

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