The Hole in Holistic ~ Guest Emilee Fernandes

The Hole in Holistic ~ Guest Emilee Fernandes

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March 2, 2020 by Conscious Beauty Talk

Conscious Beauty Talk with Amy Wall

Holistic skincare means different things to different people and on today’s show, my guest Emilee Fernandes and I discuss what we feel is missing in the current “holistic beauty” industry. From elitism and green-washing to scarcity mindsets- we break what needs to shift in order to choose community and sisterhood over competition, and how to truly embrace serving our client’s mind, body, spirit, and skin at the highest level.

Emilee Fernandes is an innovator in the field of medical esthetics. Continuing with consulting on esthetics foundations, her mission is to inspire esthetic and spa professionals to achieve next level treatment results through the combination of ancient medical therapies and modern technology. Emilee is a certified Medical Aesthetician (Canadian Beauty College), Dr.Vodder Advanced Neck and Face Esthetician (ASTECC), and Ayurvedic Beauty Specialist. She continues to educate herself through post-graduate courses.

Having spent the first years of her career in the education sector, Emilee noticed gaps in the skin care curriculum. After building a unique spa brand, Jem Glamorganic Medical Spa, and starting her own spiritual journey, Emilee focused on restoring not only her client’s natural luminescence by also healing their whole body, spirit and soul with skin care.

Combining Reiki therapy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, lymphatic drainage, crystal frequency, and a solid passion for skin care physiology, she realized her unique treatments provided unmatched client success. Emilee decided it was time to bring her concept to the masses as a new-age approach to aesthetics. Emilee is passionate about educating other skin therapists on the benefits of a unique, collaborative, whole-body mindset.

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Women have been sold a story of lack and limitation around what’s possible with our beauty, our biology and aging.

Today we have never enjoyed more breakthroughs in skincare ingredients, technology and our understanding of human consciousness.

It’s time to activate your beauty abundance and go beyond what you’ve been told and sold.

Conscious Beauty Guide Amy Wall will use her experience as an award-winning professional skincare expert and experience as a leader in the conscious beauty movement to teach you the tools, techniques and guidance to activate and experience the feeling of beautiful, have more radiant skin and to deeply love the woman you see in the mirror, on a daily basis.

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