The Gift of You ~ Rachel & Yuryra

The Gift of You ~ Rachel & Yuryra

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September 7, 2016 by Seducing Beyond Limitations
What if you truly are the gift and the miracle this world is waiting for?
What if something else is possible when you are willing to be everything you came here to be?
Ready to get out of your way?
How much force and effort have you used in creating your life?

What if your life is so much greater than the limitations you’ve bought as real?

The energy of seduction is the invitation that you could step into, that will create your life with ease, elegance and joy beyond any limitation. Join your seductresses, Rachel and Yuryra, for a playful exploration of enamored living and fall in love with your life.

Enjoy this show in Spanish once a month as well (disfruta de este show en español una vez al mes – el tercer programa de cada mes).