The Funny Thing About ~ Packs & Families ~ Guest, Cheryl Margo

The Funny Thing About ~ Packs & Families ~ Guest, Cheryl Margo

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September 20, 2019 by *Dr. Andi's World

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Does it really matter what we call ourselves – packs, prides, herds, gaggles, flocks, tribes or families?  There are a few interesting themes the majority of us have in common ~ something that is key to our growth and development, and even to our success – regardless of our species.

Join me and my guest, Cheryl Margo this week as we explore these themes and offer some different perspectives on how we can work with them to empower ourselves, our packs, and our families. 

Cheryl Margo, also known as the Joy Catalyst, is an internationally trained Certified Access Bars® and Body Process Facilitator that assists people to resolve inner conflicts to open up to a life of more play, possibility and joy.  She loves teaching people how to get unstuck and out of limitation and into living with greater ease, connection and freedom.

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