The Evolution of Healing with Author Jay D. Allen

The Evolution of Healing with Author Jay D. Allen

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May 9, 2016 by Beyond Speech Limitless Communication ~ Lauren Polly

Beyond Speech: Limitless Communication with Lauren Polly  Radio Show 

The Evolution of Healing offers a new perspective that will forever shift the way you see dis-ease…. Are you ready to go deeper? This show will explore the purpose and source of all dis-ease and how it serves our highest good. Author Jay D. Allen explores spiritual SOULutions to remove blockage so we may experience the ease and lightness of our body as a divine temple for connection and consciousness.

Join Beyond Speech: Limitless Communication with host Lauren Polly and guest Jay D. Allen as they shares discoveries on accelerating the healing process wherever you are on your spiritual journey.

Jay D. Allen is a teacher and author whose journey to self-realization accelerated at the age of eighteen when he collapsed and was taken to hospital where he remained unconscious for three days before undergoing emergency brain surgery.  He survived, without brain damage and with a life expectancy of only fifteen months.

Armed with a fresh perspective, a sense of urgency, and a new reference point for life, his quest accelerated for answers about life’s purpose, divine potential, happiness, and inner peace as heaven on earth. When he was unable to find what he was looking for through traditional learning and religion, he sought the answers elsewhere.

At the core of his teachings is the simple yet powerful realization that we are all special and that everything we need to make this shift to our Divine Self, we already have, life has been perfectly preparing us to do so and now we must simply learn how to use what has already been created within.