The Cranio Connection: Equine Cranial Sacral Balancing ~ Guest Tracy Vroom

The Cranio Connection: Equine Cranial Sacral Balancing ~ Guest Tracy Vroom

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January 26, 2015 by Dr. Andi's Animal Magic

What is Animal Cranio Sacral therapy? When would my animal choose cranio sacral work? What issues does this therapy address? What can I expect during a session? What do you mean the bones on my head, my animal’s head move????
Tracy Vroom has been providing complementary health solutions for horses and dogs for more than a decade. The sessions help the animal activate their natural ability to heal. This way they come into balance, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually in a way that is right for them. In addition to teaching for the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage, she has her own school, The CranioConnection. She offers an in-depth craniosacral certification program; 7 levels for horses and 5 levels for dogs.

Empowering people to know what they know about their animals.

Dr. Andi works with the energy/force/information in animals bodies to allow for magical changes that are possible for each one.  This information allows owners to make different choices about the care of their animals from puppy classes to yearly vaccinations and to senior care and beyond.  

What if their is a time and a place for every kind of treatment from homeopathy to energy work  to surgical intervention to traditional medicine to diet changes?

With the current shift in how we view animals in our lives, often being our children, have you noticed that the information has become overwhelming as to what a parent should do….what if the “should” could go away, and we could function from what will work for each animal and the family they live with. Join Dr. Andi each week for more magical possibilities for you and your animals.