The Courage to Come ALL the Way Out ~ Rhonda Burns

The Courage to Come ALL the Way Out ~ Rhonda Burns

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February 19, 2020 by *Rendezvous with Rhonda

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Welcome to me having the courage to come all the way out of the closet! Mine is a variation of so many others, but it’s a real challenge many of us have; especially when living as our true, authentic selves butts up against anything relating to sex and sexuality. When we meet traditional norms and say, “no thank you”, it pushes buttons and sets off mega-triggers.

I have had such awe and admiration for individuals having the courage to come out of their own closets…

as the fullest expression of themselves, especially when its met with violent opposition and oftentimes, great loss. As a result of some mega truth-telling with myself, and having lots of years of experiences and secrets held in great confidence, I know that now is the time for me to move the Rendezvous with Rhonda radio show into the new evolution we’re being called to where sex, sexuality, intimacy, relationships and relating is concerned; down & dirty, REALLY REAL style with yours truly.

Come join me as I share the biggest pivot of my life thus far and why it took so damn long to come out of the closet.

~ More About Rendezvous With Rhonda ~ 

Sex, sexuality and pleasure tend to get an exceptionally bad wrap in the world. Ever noticed? Yet sex, intimacy & relationships is threaded through every single aspect of our lives and they tend to be really messy, unclear and difficult subjects for most.  More so, it is not going away, and never will, so why not get under the hood and beyond  taboo and judgment, so we can evolve how we interact with, speak about and actually enjoy the subject of sex, intimacy and relationships. The target being that we as a society can unbind and unwind all the traditional messages in place about the absolute wrongness of it, when all we want to really do is be free to enjoy our lives, living, loving and bodies to create our greatest total life well-being and success. 

As a life-long witness to not just the mediocrity of traditional relationships, but the chronic breakdown of them, along with the waning and often non-existent sex lives of the partners, I’ve been on a quest to get down & dirty to the root of the  issues and what drives the majority of this. 

What an epic journey!

In a world filled with never-ending mixed messages, confusion, conflict and daily turmoil, it’s a wonder anyone really feels like they’re getting their emotional, physical and sexual needs fulfilled.  Welcome to the party known as Rendezvous with Rhonda! You could also call it, a Rendezvous with radical & revolutionary LOVE, with a healthy dose of down & dirty for good measure. 


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