The Common Regrets Of Life ~ Christina Blake

The Common Regrets Of Life ~ Christina Blake

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September 16, 2020 by *Conversations with Christina

Conversations with Christina 

I have many regrets when I didn’t have the courage to express my feelings. As it’s been quoted: Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes. Pent-up emotions and regrets lead to poor choices and poorer outcomes. Express what’s there for you and do your best to communicate how you feel, so you don’t have regrets not sharing your transparency.


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Conversations with Christina is designed to motivate, inspire, and encourage listeners and viewers to be and become their best self. Christina will use her unique talent, personal testimonies and triumph to teach the principals of self-love and human self-reflections.

Christina’s vision is to help one’s self to reach their highest potential and live the life of purpose that they have always imagine. With no more delay but through hard work, dedication and self-determination.

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