“The Business Of Entities” with Special Guest Karlina Van Der Weij

“The Business Of Entities” with Special Guest Karlina Van Der Weij

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May 28, 2014 by Talk to the Entities® with Cara and Bret

What is the business of entities…you say??

Well that depends on what you consider business..

Do you have loved ones who have passed that are trying to communicate with you?

Do you have strange going ons in your home?

Do you have co-workers, friends and family who seem like different people at different times?

Do you know you have some capacity with the spirit world?

Are you interested in creating a business with that capacity?

I wonder what is possible when you have clients both in bodies (people) and clients our of bodies (ghosts)?

Would you like to know how to deal and deliver the spirit world??

We have a really special guest this week on our show! Karlina Van Der Weij is a brilliant creator!! In a very short time she cultivated and built a very successful Access Consciousness business, and she is currently the World Wide Coordinator for Talk to the Entities for Shannon O’harra.

This show promises to be fantastic and where else will you get information like this?? There will be tools and tips to use right away and a great possibility to get your weird questions about this asked!!

See you soon!!

For more information about Karlina http://www.karlina.ca

To reach Kara and Bret http://italktoghosts.com/