Testing Funnels Organically ~ Guest Career & Business Coach Liz M Lopez

Testing Funnels Organically ~ Guest Career & Business Coach Liz M Lopez

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October 16, 2019 by The Ads Maven

The Ads Maven with Jenn Possick Radio Show

The best way to know if your Facebook and Instagram ads are going to work? By testing your funnels organically first.

Career & Business coach, Liz M. Lopez did just that through The Ads Maven, Jenn Possick’s guidance during List Building Ads Lab and had amazing results!
As an elite Resume Designer & Executive Coach, Liz created a free report sharing the top resume mistakes, and not only did she have people signing up for her report, several began inquiring about working with her!
In this week’s episode, Jenn chats with Liz M. Lopez about her Facebook and Instagram ads results, the process of creating her ads, strategizing about some next steps, along with some tips from Liz about LinkedIn, resume building, and speaking.
Wanna learn the top result mistakes? Grab your free report at:  https://lizmlopez.lpages.co/top-resume-mistakes/
Free 20-minute consultation with Liz:  https://schedulesessionwithLizMLopez.as.me/ 
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Free Workshop: All Things Facebook Pixels – Why they are essential to running Facebook and Instagram ads and how to place them – http://jennpossick.com/workshop
List Building Ads Lab: https://jennpossick.com/adslabss
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Schedule an Strategy Session with Jenn: http://calendly.com/jennpossick

Liz M. Lopez is a valued Career & Business Coach, bestselling author, and celebrated Speaker who wows the crowd during motivational keynote presentations and technical workshops. Liz ignites audiences by showing them their own potential and creating a clear path to accomplishing their true objectives.
After an award-winning 15 year corporate career, Liz launched her own company, Captivate Your Audience in 2007. Since then, she has worked with thousands of Professionals, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Corporate Groups seeking to elevate their brand, communicate their value, and engage their target market.
Her services focus on success strategies that bridge corporate and entrepreneur arenas. An elite Resume Designer & Executive Coach, Liz has positioned clients ahead of the competition and guided clients to open doors to great career opportunities.
In 2014, Liz co-founded the Keystone Mastermind Alliance with Tracie Thompson, an organization that is breaking barriers in mastermind-based networking for small business owners. As a Success Coach, Liz works with clients to identify clear objectives, set the right mindset, build practical systems, and practice fierce accountability to achieve targeted goals. Liz has spoken to international audiences and has inspired thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs to pursue and achieve their highest level of success.  Liz@LizMLopez.com     https://www.lizmlopez.com
Have you been considering a Career Coach?
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~ More About The Ads Maven with Jenn Possick ~ 

Jenn Possick is a Facebook and Instagram Ads strategist, coach and speaker for coaches and service-based businesses who want to grow an engaged email list and attract loyal clients using Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Jenn has been the Ads Maven since 2014 and uses her experience teaching elementary school to teach about Facebook and Instagram Ads in a step-by-step way that is easy to understand through her trainings, coaching, and The Ads Maven show.

Ready to finally run profitable, effective Facebook and Instagram ads?

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