Taking Time to Feed Your Soul ~ Guest Melissa Moss

Taking Time to Feed Your Soul ~ Guest Melissa Moss

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January 27, 2020 by Everyday Joy with Candace Mau

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From music, marriage and now a non-profit, this gals story is filled with the good stuff. Join us as we hear more about how Melissa Moss feeds her soul and shares how you can do the same. From soulful music and deliberate choice to give back, she’s an inspiration.

Melissa Moss is the CEO of Second Chance 4 Youth, a nonprofit she’s passionate about.  Melissa brings a refreshing sound to the world of music. She has a soft voice, with powerful lyrics that will bring you hope-and hopefully a smile. Born and raised in Salt Lake City UT, she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. Gracing the world with her sweet spirit, infectiously positive attitude, and a heart full of hope, she has a tendency to draw you in with catchy choruses that you will find yourself singing
long after you listened. Her music is laden with deep lyrics that will uplift, inspire, and move you to action. Melissa currently lives in Northern Utah with her husband.  Melissa is the CEO of Second Chance 4 Youth, a nonprofit she is passionate about.    mamoss76@gmail.com     https://melissamossmusic.com 

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At our core, our most basic essence, there is Joy. A place people know very well but may not feel confident in finding often.
We notice when other people have true joy, are lit up, catch ourselves smiling when we’re around them, but don’t know how to do what they do. Consciously or unconsciously we are always seeking that space.
What if it’s easier to find than you think? There are tools, questions, and fun just waiting for you everyday!
Candace Mau will enthusiastically wonder, share stories and light up your day. Giving you tools to navigate to Joy more effortlessly. Helping you see and walk the path for yourself.

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