Take A Chance And Manifest Your Dreams ~ Guest Sheina Hemstreet

Take A Chance And Manifest Your Dreams ~ Guest Sheina Hemstreet

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October 30, 2020 by Time to Rise & Thrive

Time to Rise & Thrive with Jackie Mott 

What would it feel like to be able to manifest your dreams? Have you ever felt a “pull” to go in a different direction that you didn’t feel like you could resist? What if that feeling was actually a message from the universe to help you see your unique gifts and purpose? And what if following that pull would help you manifest a life that you didn’t even know was possible? Would you be willing to follow it and take a leap of faith?

Sheina Hemstreet and her husband Kevin made a decision in the midst of a worldwide pandemic to sell their home and buy a restaurant on Manitoulin Island. Sheina believed that this was a direction and a move that they needed to make and once the decision was made, everything fell into place almost effortlessly and they were on the road to their new home and their new life in a matter of weeks. The surprising thing was the other doors that opened and the other options that became available to them as a result of trusting Sheina’s intuition and making that one decision.
Join Jackie Mott on this week’s episode of Time to Rise & Thrive, “Take a Chance and Manifest Your Dreams” with special guest Sheina Hemstreet, where they will talk about taking chances and making your dreams come true.

Sheina Hemstreet , Art Oracle & Intuitive Guide
Co-Owner of The Gardens Gate Restaurant on Manitoulin Island

Sheina is the first to preach not identifying herself as any one thing. Her ability to expand her dreams in all areas has created an abundance of opportunities for her family and herself. Her family plans on opening the doors to their newly acquired restaurant in spring 2021. Serving farm to table cuisine and showcasing Canadian artist and makers in the gift shop and market space.

As an intuitive coach and sacred artist, Sheina works with clients and collectors to develop deeper connections with their own intuition and source. By providing intuitive coaching and sacred art oracle messages she helps clients develop a relationship with their own spiritual journey and self care. Leading to more fulfilling lives and trust in oneself.
Sheina also creates beautiful manifestations in original artwork to compliment their time together. A portal to HIGHVIBEs in your very own home or sacred spaces.
Sheina believes her purpose is to help individuals raise their vibration and in turn that of the collective.
“When you turn on the light it makes it easier for others to see the switch!”

https://sheinahemstreet.com/  connect@sheinahemstreet.com

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~ More About Time to Rise & Thrive with Jackie Mott~ 

Jackie Mott is a Mindset Coach and a Facilitator of Change. She has a unique perspective that often challenges the status quo and believes that it’s never too late to start over, that as long as we are still breathing it is possible to create an entirely new way of being.

When Jackie’s sister died in a car accident in 2012, her world went into a tailspin that caused her to become a seeker. As she started to learn and explore who she truly was, she realized that sharing her gifts and her perspective helped people see things differently and heal.

Since then, she’s learned to embrace and develop her unique talents and abilities and has used them to become a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach and Inspirational Speaker. She practices mindfulness, gratitude, and radical personal responsibility and uses those skills to help people challenge their limiting beliefs and conditioning so they can create new ways of being from a place of choice and possibility.


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