Support Your Child’s Education ~ Guest Chelsea Denny

Support Your Child’s Education ~ Guest Chelsea Denny

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November 19, 2018 by *Be You Parenting ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish

Regardless of the type of school a student is enrolled in, there are ways that parents can support their child’s education at home. Through inquiry-based techniques, parents have the opportunity to improve their child’s education. Using these simple techniques, you can implement this into your child’s education and help create valuable learning experiences.

Our guest for this show is Chelsea Denny, the owner and teacher at The Mother Earth Academy. Chelsea has a passion for guiding children as they explore and examine the natural world together. She uses inquiry-based techniques to open children’s minds, providing them opportunities to better understand concepts in their own unique way. By using this method, she makes learning fun and applicable in today’s world. She will share with us ways to use inquiry to support your child’s individual learning experiences.

Chelsea Denny is the owner and lead teacher at The Mother Earth Academy, which is a micro school that serves children in grades K-5. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education and is currently pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. Chelsea is a home school mom turned facility director who assists other families along the complex road of child education. Chelsea’s passions include teaching children, exploring nature, reading, gardening, hiking, and traveling with her family.

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