Super Powers to Create Health Guest Liam Phillips

Super Powers to Create Health Guest Liam Phillips

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April 27, 2015 by Imperfect Brilliance with Betsy & Kathy

Over the years we have heard of super foods, super therapies, super supplements, super exercise, super diets and super cures.

What If you had super powers that you have yet to tap into? I’m not talking about flying or shooting lasers out of your eyes, but super powers that you and your body have as a natural way of being.  When you acknowledge these super powers, it can have a HUGE on your health and your life!

Join Liam, Betsy and Sadie as we discuss these super powers and how you can access them!

About Liam Phillips:

30 years ago Liam made a demand to be conscious no matter what. That started him on a path of self-discovery that took him to Ashram’s all over the world.  He participated and lead classes in schools of mystery, meditation and Krya Yoga. During that time, he was also a teacher of Autistic children, a husband, and part owner of an Organic food store.  He became a Yoga teacher, Meditation teacher and professional Tarot reader.

Liam’s capacities with bodies and changing disease has been with him his entire life.  These capacities did not spring to the forefront until ten years ago when he became extremely sick.  He was literally 24 hours from death and weighed less than 40 Kg.  At that time, he made a demand to live.

Part of that journey was stepping further into conscious healing, developing his awareness, fine tuning his capacities with bodies, health and entities and letting go of all the beliefs that were no longer working for him.

In the last 10 years he has authored  9 books including his best seller, Curing The Incurable, and an Access Consciousness facilitator.  Liam lives in New Zealand and travels the world facilitating classes about consciousness, health, entities, and many other aspects of the magical world of awareness.

Liam loves empowering people to create their own lives, loves downhill mountain biking and playing with his beautiful partner and her daughter in New Zealand.  His personal motto is “What else is possible?” ~