Sugar Plum Fairies, Fantasies & Myths – OH MY! ~ Dr. Andi’s World

Sugar Plum Fairies, Fantasies & Myths – OH MY! ~ Dr. Andi’s World

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December 20, 2019 by *Dr. Andi's World

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Do you have a fantasy of having the “perfect” pet?  Or what the “perfect” relationship with your pet should look like?  Where have you gotten your stories of what pet-parenting or pet-ownership is, or is supposed to be?  Have you ever looked at that?  Fantasies can be fun – and make for great movies – and yet – how much do fantasies and myths really allow you to have an authentic, congruent connection with your animals?  I see a lot of people trying to create their relationships with their animals from fantasy and myth more than from what is actually possible with their animals – and this week, I am inviting us to change that.  Are you in?

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A CHANGE-agent of magnitude for the animals of the world. Dr. Andi Harper is an internationally acclaimed animal communicator, certified animal chiropractor and Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator. She is the owner and operator of a thriving practice, Animal Magic Care, based in Golden, CO.

With a global animal communication/facilitation  business, Dr. Andi inspires her clients to create magic in their life and with their animals.

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