Struck Alive by Lightening with Donna Salemink

Struck Alive by Lightening with Donna Salemink

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October 20, 2014 by Simply Being

Join Rioha as she interviews Donna Salemink who was struck by lightning June 22, 2014. Find out what this has created in her life and what it is like to survive and thrive, the un-survivable.

Do you know how Simple it can be to just BE? What if your life could be as simple as listening to the waves crash on the beach, the laughter of a good friend, the silence after the first snow, the smell after the rain. All those things simple Be… What if you could too? Yet instead we often go into our heads and make it complicated. We develop the bad habit of over thinking. Going into conclusions about what things mean instead of asking questions. What if Simply Being you were simple?

Join Rioha, Transformation Consultant and you will experience change and movement forward out of your limitations by being in her space. She has a capacity to change everything…would you be willing to choose it?

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