Strength & Gentleness – The Art Of Balance With Whales ~ Deb Brosnan

Strength & Gentleness – The Art Of Balance With Whales ~ Deb Brosnan

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June 4, 2018 by Animals Connect with Deb Brosnan

Animals Connect with Deb Brosnan Radio Show

Have you ever seen a Humpback whale on a whale watch? They are larger than the boats that search for a glimpse of them. The whales gracefully maneuver under, around and beside the whale watch boats. For all their size and strength whales are kind, gentle souls who are more than willing to interact with people on the boats. Whales have a sense of humor, they love deeply and completely and they are profoundly kind. They are generous and compassionate… Come join Deb and speak to the whales who balance tremendous strength and gentleness of heart!

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Everyone and everything in this Universe is constantly communicating with you, and you…with them…

Are you aware of the information being shared with you?

We often grow up (and out) of our ability to be aware of and connect with animals. To share with and receive from them. There is so much knowledge we share together that creates happiness and ease of everyone!

Deb Brosnan is an animal communicator (animal to human translator) who will use her talents to help you connect with the animals you love. To expand your perception of the world beyond ‘normal’ human perception. To take the knowledge of the animals all around us to create a more prosperous life for everyone.

Deb is available for private readings (in person and by phone), and travels throughout the US and worldwide for animal communication classes and clinics.

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