(Still MORE!) Bod-EASE: When Bodies “Die”

(Still MORE!) Bod-EASE: When Bodies “Die”

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July 20, 2015 by Teens Done Different

What happens when a body dies? Why is death such an uncomfortable, sad event for so many people? What if death and dying could be easy for bodies? – a simple choice? – an allowed option? Join us as we talk about our beliefs around death – how to approach it and talk about it – and what can be chosen to create ease for the departing body and those still here. Hear our experiences with death and dying plus get some insights and tips, in this continuing conversation on EASE for Bodies.

The dynamic daughter/mom team of Christy Perkins and Julie Oreson Perkins invite you to explore the limitless possibilities for traversing the sometimes seemingly impassable (or is that “impossible”?) terrain of teen-dom. Loaded with questions, insights, tools, techniques and humor, they will inspire and guide you to create something different – are you ready?


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