Speak Up & Empower ~ Guest Karen Ansell-MacKinnon

Speak Up & Empower ~ Guest Karen Ansell-MacKinnon

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April 15, 2019 by The SOAR Experience

The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins

Every woman has a voice. You can learn to change your pain into fire and light a #Torch. Speak Up and Empower is about and for Women to Women on Life and Business. You cannot sell empowerment, but you can give women the information to develop their skill-sets in life and business to make the decision to become enlightened and find empowerment. No more sad stories, no more pain, no more lies, no more judgement. Speak up and Empower is about creating an environment where any woman feels comfortable asking any question, knowing that she’s safe to do so, no matter the topic, and that she will be respected and supported in finding her answers.

Karen had a deep calling to give women a community of sisters who have each other’s best interests at heart. Speak Up and Empower is a safe zone, where women can come together to develop their own professional and personal definition of success. She believes it’s possible, through education, support and inclusion across all cultures, denominations and countries. Speak up and Empower aims to drive change by joining hands across the planet.

Karen Ansell-MacKinnon’s Story…My biological mother had a choice to make. I was carefully put into the hands of Foster Care for six months. At this time, I was than carefully adopted in the hands of a loving couple. I was always told I was a Chosen Child, not from below their hearts but from within it. My parents had also experienced the loss of a daughter.
When I was 7 to 9 years old, I was subjected to two catastrophic events. I kept quiet as that is what we were told to do. There was no counselling, no school counselling, just hidden secrets.
At 13 I became rebellious, but by 15 I found my voice and kept the secrets. At 19 I was also diagnosed with Lupus/ Rheumatoid Arthritis. I chose and continue to choose to turn the pain into fuel.
At 26, I started a Marketing Company, “We Have the Look”, in downtown Toronto with 13 Manufacturers. I was told I was the youngest female to have started one. I owned this company for 12 years. I had also been married for one year, divorced, miscarried, and re married. I stayed at home with our children for the next ten years of my life and learned everything about computers and the world of the Internet, going back to school part time.   https://www.speakupandempower.com/   speakupandempower@gmail.com
Karen’s Accomplishments:
 Consumer Impact Marketing – Gold Oscar
 Match Marketing – 9 Years – Market Manager
 Shopify Expert
 Alibaba Partner
 Top 500 Wealthy Affiliate
 Over 5 Million followers on vast social Media Platforms
 650,000 Visitors Weekly to “We Have the Look” for Women Over 50 Who Dare to Dream
 Launch of Speak Up and Empower! #1 on Google.

Offer – Email  speakupandempower@gmail.com 1 hour long social media session.

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