Skooling dun diffrant wiv speshul gest Simone Padur

Skooling dun diffrant wiv speshul gest Simone Padur

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August 31, 2015 by Playground of Possibilities with Tamara and Alun

Going to school. How much did you enjoy it? Did you even feel like you had a choice? How much fun did you have while you were in lessons? Or was fun something you only had during breaktimes and not while you were sitting behind a desk?

There has to be another way to engage children with education right? But what is it? Does it even exist?

Join us as we get to play again with Simone Padur who, as well as being an Access Consciousness Facilitator, is a teacher with a different point of view about teaching; it should be fun!

She turns crazy wall climbing kindergarten classes into excited learning enthusiasts and give hope to teens to know that they can change the world.

“How?” do you ask?

By using the tools of Access Consciousness® in her classroom daily; through asking questions to empower kids to know what they know and being in allowance of whomever they might choose to be.​m


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