Sexy Relationships, Oh, My! with Guest Joan Silva

Sexy Relationships, Oh, My! with Guest Joan Silva

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March 27, 2015 by Bringing The Sexy! with Carol Reinlie

Bringing the Sexy! with Carol Reinlie Radio Show

All of us do relationships a bit differently. We have learned the easy and hard ways of what works (and what doesn’t). What if we could show up and BE in relationships a bit differently? What if breaking some of the rules of this reality could bring the bliss and expansion we have been looking for in our relationships?

Join Access Consciousness Facilitator Carol Reinlie and her special guest, business makeover strategist Joan Silva as they discuss breaking the relationship rules of this reality. Joan assists creative entrepreneurs in breaking the rules and living their dreams. Carol helps entrepreneurs and individuals get out of their own way and catapult their way to success in all areas of their lives.

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