Sex & Relationship Part 2 – What Turns You On? ~ Bert & Nelly

Sex & Relationship Part 2 – What Turns You On? ~ Bert & Nelly

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June 4, 2018 by Creating Magical Relationships with Bert & Nelly

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Most people create sexual energy based on what is forbidden or what they have decided is sexy or sexually exciting. They are doing judgement to create and generate their sexual energy. Their judgement is what they use as a way to make themselves excited about having sex with someone. 

“Turn On” is a series of judgements you do to create sexual energy.

What if that sexual energy could be available all the time?

If you are not functioning in your sexual experience from question, you are functioning from judgement and conclusion. You are not going to have any fun.
What if you have sex because it was fun for you? You could change the world because you would actually be in the computation. The fact is most of you are not in the computation, based on your judgements of who you will have sex with. Fun is not reckless abandonment. Reckless abandonment is “ I am going to throw away my consciousness and have sex with this person anyway, regardless of the outcome”- that usually doesn’t turn out so well.

We are shooting for sexual awareness, not the place you have sex without being aware of what the action is going to create.

~ More About Creating Magical Relationships with Bert & Nelly ~

Do you have any places where you are locked up with creating the best relationship and sex life you’ve ever had?

What if those places could be unlocked and you could begin to enjoy relationships again?

What if you didn’t have to give up or cut off parts of yourself and you can see the value and contribution of you in every relationship?

Let’s talk about what nobody talks about and gain access to the possibilities of amazing and empowering sex and relationships where you do not lose you, in fact, you get more of yourself.

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