Sensitive Under Skin

Sensitive Under Skin

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June 25, 2014 by The Power of Sensitivity

Have you ever regretted something you’ve said or done, especially towards someone else? Think back to a time when you did. What were you reacting to exactly? Perhaps you weren’t getting something you desperately needed from that person? Here’s the kicker: your reaction to them has more to do with you than your disdain for that person.

In moments of negative reaction, your sensitive under skin gets irritated like a bug bite and like a bug bite, once it’s itched, you can’t stop scratching it, until it bleeds. When you react to things in a negative way, that’s the loudest part of you that’s talking. The question is, is that the part of you that you want to activate?

As the saying goes, you never truly know someone until they show you their ugly side, I mean, their bug bite!

Join Joanne to discuss how to take care of your sensitive under skin and find ways to bring more joy into your life as you relate to others.