Searching for Joy in Loss ~ Guest Lark Galley

Searching for Joy in Loss ~ Guest Lark Galley

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August 5, 2019 by Everyday Joy with Candace Mau

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This conversation centers on the vulnerability of speaking out after the unimaginable happens. Lark Galley lost a child recently and is choosing to help others. She is using her tools and everything she teaches her clients to help find her footing after suffering a terrible loss.

Lark Galley is an enthusiastic believer in the power of goals! She has spoken at several venues including 3 Key Elements, the Single Mothers’ Conference, and UVU. Her topics include self improvement, goal achievement, body language, and sales and business training.

Although born in Utah, Lark’s family moved all around the US where she attended a different school every year. She returned to the state where she graduated Magna Cum Lauda from the University of Utah with a BA in Political Science and an International Relations Certificate. A few years later, while working for the State of Utah International Economic Development Department, she graduated from the U of U with her Masters in Economics. She moved on from government work to sales in international logistics and was the top Global Senior Sales Rep for a Fortune 500 company before leaving Corporate America in 2011.

Lark has 25 years sales experience, is a graduate from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, runs her own training company, participated in various startup companies, and is a partner in a trucking company. She has traveled around the world, competed in Olympic length triathlons, won 1st Place in the Toast Masters Area 41 International Speech Contest, and continues to pursue personal growth on all fronts. Her family life is full with four children, four grandchildren, and a husband who is a full time engineer and part time Army Colonel.

Her motto is, “If you only had 6 months to live, what would you change? Now change it!”

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At our core, our most basic essence, there is Joy. A place people know very well but may not feel confident in finding often.
We notice when other people have true joy, are lit up, catch ourselves smiling when we’re around them, but don’t know how to do what they do. Consciously or unconsciously we are always seeking that space.
What if it’s easier to find than you think? There are tools, questions, and fun just waiting for you everyday!
Candace Mau will enthusiastically wonder, share stories and light up your day. Giving you tools to navigate to Joy more effortlessly. Helping you see and walk the path for yourself.

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